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Spring Has Sprung

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, copyright Australian Tourist Commission

It's September, it's spring, and visitors and residents alike are bidding winter goodbye. But is spring the best time to visit Sydney?

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Head North for the Tropic Sun

Monday July 29, 2013
If you're not particularly fond of the winter cold — it's still midwinter in Australia — consider a trip north to Australia's tropical regions.

For those wishing to visit the Great Barrier Reef, one of the destinations of choice is Cairns in Queensland which is a popular jump-off point to the Reef.

If you're driving north along the Pacific coast, there are many coastal Queensland cities and towns from which you can take a ferry to one of the resort islands on the Reef. On the other side of the continent, there's Broome and Cable Beach in Western Australia to consider, and in the Northern Territory there's Darwin and Kakadu.

Photo: Snorkeling off Heron Island © Tourism Queensland

Ekka Is Coming

Friday July 26, 2013
Ekka ferris wheelBrisbane is holding Queensland's largest annual event, the Ekka, from August 8 to 17. Along with those of Sydney and Melbourne, the Ekka is one of the top three agricultural shows in Australia.

Officially, it's the Royal Queensland Show, and it's also called the Exhibition, from which the colloquialism Ekka is derived. Ekka Day, an official public holiday in Brisbane, is on August 14 this year. Photo: Carnival time at the Ekka, courtesy ekka.com.au.

Cairns Isn't Just a Jump-off Point to the Reef

Tuesday July 23, 2013
Mostly, visitors to Cairns think of this far north Queensland city as a springboard for diving into the Great Barrier Reef. Certainly the Reef is one of the most visited places in Australia, and Cairns is one of Australia's mainland cities closest to the northern part of the Reef. Green Island, for instance, is just off the coast of Cairns.

The thing is: When you're in Cairns, don't overlook the opportunities of exploring Cairns' own attractions.

This is the place where rainforest meets the sea, and both the Wet Tropics of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef are World Heritage sites.

And if local Indigenous culture interests you, be ready to be amazed at Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park.
Photo: Cairns as viewed from the air © Australian Tourist Commission

Arnhem Land: Aboriginal Homeland

Saturday July 20, 2013
With its awesome natural attractions (and dangers), Arnhem Land in Australia is the Aboriginal homeland where the Dreamtime lives in song and dance, where legend, myth and history interweave with today's realities, where innumerable sacred sites are forever hidden from prying eyes, and where the white man (or any other non-Aboriginal person) may not enter.
Photo: Arnhem Land water hole © Australian Tourist Commission

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