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Should You Worry About the Deadly Jellyfish?

By December 7, 2012

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It's still the jellyfish season in northern Australia, so it is often with much trepidation that one goes to the beach, if at all, particularly in north Queensland.

So should you worry?

As long as you go to patrolled beaches or go on organised sea cruises with guides in the know, there should be no serious problem with either the box jellyfish or the Irukandji jellyfish.

If you do get stung by the box jellyfish — or the Irukandji jellyfish — there are first aid treatments that can be quickly applied. If you don't know what to do yourself, surf lifesavers who patrol the beaches should be able to provide immediate treatment.

As for the Irukandji jellyfish, two tourists visiting Queensland died in early 2002 as a result of being stung by this tiny, virtually transparent killer. There have been no deaths arising from Irukandji jellyfish stings since then, as far as I know. Knowing where and when this danger exists means safety precautions can be taken.

As with all dangers — anywhere in the world you go — precaution is always your best protection.

December 7, 2009 at 5:44 pm
(1) Port Douglas says:

You should never take children into the waters there without precautions. Some beaches do have nets but some are unmanned and so may have tiny holes in them. Theres nothing to fear – just be cautious thats all.

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