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Background and History


  • New Zealand has won the 2011 Rugby World Cup after it defeated France in a closely contested match, winning by one point, 8-7. This is New Zealand's second Rugby World Cup victory and New Zealand joins Australia and South Africa with two Cup wins each.

    The 2011 Rugby World Cup was played in New Zealand, with the championship final held on October 23 at Eden Park, Auckland, between New Zealand and and France. New Zealand's first Rugby World Cup win was in 1987, also in Eden Park, and also against France.

  • South Africa, defending 2007 champion, was eliminated in this year's quarter-final by Australia on October 9.

  • Australia lost its semi-final match with New Zealand on October 16, and played for third place against Wales on October 21, winning by three points, 21-18.

  • 2011 Rugby World Cup Matches and Results.

  • The 2015 Rugby World Cup is scheduled to be held in England from September 4 to October 17 with some matches played in Wales.

Inaugural matches

The first Rugby World Cup, initially suggested by the Australian Rugby Union and the New Zealand Football Union in separate submissions to the International Rugby Board, was held in 1987.

The inaugural Rugby World Cup was held in Australia and New Zealand in May and June, 1987, with teams from 16 countries competing. New Zealand won the inaugural Rugby World Cup.

Attendance at the 1987 games was 600,000. By the 1999 Rugby World Cup attendance had reached 1.75 million.

Expanded entry

In 1999, the fourth Rugby World Cup had an expanded entry of 20 teams, qualifying through 133 matches worldwide from an original entry of 65 unions.

Two wins each

New Zealand (1987, 2011), Australia (1991, 1999) and South Africa (1995, 2007) have won two Rugby World Cups each.

France has reached the World Rugby Cup final three times and has lost to New Zealand twice and to Australia once.

The record so far

Past Rugby World Cup results:

1987, Eden Park, Auckland: New Zealand 29, France 9
1991, Twickenham, London: Australia 12, England 6
1995, Ellis Park, Johannesburg: South Africa 15, New Zealand 12
1999, Millenium Stadium, Cardiff: Australia 35, France 12
2003, Telstra Stadium, Sydney: England 20, Australia 17
2007, Stade de France, St Denis: South Africa 15, England 6
2011, Eden Park, Auckland: New Zealand 8, France 7

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