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Overland Track

Do the Hike from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair


Overland Track, Tasmania

One of the huts by the lake along Tasmania's Overland Track

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The Overland Track is Australia's best known walking track and runs some 65 kilometres through the heart of the Tasmanian wilderness from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair.

You can start from either end of the Overland Track, take the main track or go off on various tangential paths, such as to Mt Ossa which, at 1617 metres, is Tasmania's tallest mountain.

At an easy pace, it takes five to six days to complete the main Overland Track from end to end.

Be sure to be suitably attired for the cold even in the non-winter months; be doubly sure in the winter.

Don't get lost

If you do walk the Overland Track, be prepared for any eventuality.

It is best to register your walk with the park authorities even if you're doing only short ones. If you are reported lost, the registration data will help find where you may have gone astray.

Bring all the supplies you need as there is no way to replenish them on the Overland Track.

While there are some unattended huts along the way, which may be used for overnight accommodation, these Overland Track huts fill up quickly, especially in the summer, so bring a tent and adequate sleeping gear.

Talk with the national parks people, have an interesting, satisfying walk.

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