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Australian Rhyming Slang

At the Rubbity-Dub


If you’re a visitor to Australia and only talk with the hotel receptionist or the tour guide or some other hospitality people, chances are you won’t ever hear, or experience, Australian rhyming slang.

But at the rubbity-dub where you mix with the local blokes, or wherever such blokes are, as in the army or sporting clubs, you could be the Seppo (if you’re American) who’s bewildered by the Aussie lingo.

They could be pulling your leg, too.

What's rhyming slang?

They say Australian rhyming slang comes from cockney and was brought to Australia by the convicts who first settled the country.

They used rhyming slang if they didn’t want others, particularly the authorities, to understand what they were talking about.

Basically, rhyming slang is the use of usually two or more words, the last of which rhymes with the intended word. But there are variations.

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