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Practical Information

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Sydney Attractions - Where to Start
A basic Australia travel planner should take in the Sydney attractions.

Australian Seasons
The Australian seasons are the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere.

Australian Weather
The Australian weather should be a guide to what clothes you wear.

Australian Visa
Do you need an Australian visa? Here's what you need to know.

Australian Visa
Australian visa requirements apply to electronic travel documentation.

Box Jellyfish Danger
The box jellyfish is said to contain enough poison to kill three adult human beings.

Poisonous Spiders
Poisonous spiders pose a danger to those visiting Australia so watch out for them.

Irukandji Jellyfish
The deadly Irukandji jellyfish is found in north Australian waters during the jellyfish season from October to May.

Australia Travel Planner
An Australia travel planner helps organise a trip to Australia especially for people visiting Australia for the first time.

Sydney Travel
Plan a Sydney city walking tour, then discover new places beyond the city.

The Best Time to Visit Sydney
The best time to visit Sydney could be in the Australian spring.

The Best Time to Visit Sydney - Summer
The best time to visit Sydney could be in the Australian summer.

Driving in Australia - Getting It Right
Driving in Australia means learning a few things and getting it right.

Australian Traffic Rules
You would need to know these basic Australian traffic rules and regulations if you want to go driving in Australia.

Driving in Australia
There are rules to follow regarding parking and roundabouts when you're driving in Australia.

Driving in Australia
Driving in Australia means having to know Australian traffic rules and regulations.

More Dangerous Creatures
Know what dangers exist on land or in the water such as stingrays, blue-ringed octopus, snakes, cone shells and stonefish.

Crocodile Danger
Be wary of crocodiles in northern Australia.

Dangerous Creatures
Australia is one of the safest countries to visit but know that there are dangerous creatures about.

Find the Information You Need
Find the information you need quickly. Use Search or the various indexes on this page for information and other resources on Australia and New Zealand travel.

Travel Deals
Travel deals for visiting Australia and New Zealand

Beach Safety
Beach safety tips for playing it safe on Australian beaches.

New Zealand Visas
What you need to know about New Zealand visas

New Zealand Visa
Holders of certain passports will find it easier getting New Zealand visas

Australian Opals
Know what you're buying when shopping for Australian opals

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