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Driving in Australia

Parking and Roundabouts


Evandale, Tasmania, Australia, Australasia
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When driving in Australia, it is important to park properly to avoid getting a ticket.

  • You can park off-street where no NO STANDING, NO PARKING, or other restrictions apply.

  • You can park at carparks or parking stations, usually at an hourly rate.

  • You can park where there are parking meters so long as you feed them with the right money (have $2 and $1 coins handy) and don’t overstay.


  • Traffic in a roundabout flows in a clockwise direction.

  • In a two-lane roundabout, you keep to the left lane if you’re turning left or going straight ahead.

  • You keep to the right lane if you’re turning right. You can also use the right lane in a two-lane roundabout if you’re going straight ahead.

  • You use your left-turn signal for a left turn, the right-turn signal for a right turn. If you’re turning right and are on the right lane, switch on your left-turn signal when exiting. It has become law in New South Wales that motorists must signal left, in every instance, whenever exiting from a roundabout.

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