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Box Jellyfish Danger

Beware the Box Jellyfish


The deadly box jellyfish, also known as stinger or sea wasp, can be found from around November to April along the north Queensland coast past Great Keppel Island.

While stings from any type of jellyfish will cause pain and discomfort, the box jellyfish is said to contain enough poison to kill three adult human beings.

Persons stung by the box jellyfish are to be treated like snakebite victims and should be rushed to hospital after first aid.

First aid treatments

First aid treatments include dousing the box jellyfish stings with vinegar. Imbedded box jellyfish tentacles should not be removed. Artificial respiration may be required.

Always ask the locals for advice if wishing to venture into the water. Some beaches may look enticingly uncrowded, but there could be a reason for that.

The deadly box jellyfish is not believed to be anywhere else in Australia.

When you’re in Queensland, it is assumed you would be safe from this danger on beaches south of Great Keppel Island such as on the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast.

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