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Those Who Find It Easy to Visit


At the top of the list among those who find it easy to visit New Zealand are Australian nationals or those with permanent residence in Australia.

Australians not only can enter New Zealand on a valid passport at any time without a visa, but they can stay in the country, and work there if desired, without any restrictions.

The only time Australian nationals or residents may be barred from entering New Zealand is if they have known criminal records which make them unacceptable to the country.

Three months' stay or less

If you are a citizen of, and hold a passport from, certain designated countries, you can travel to New Zealand without a visa for a stay of three months or less.

British citizens and other holders of British passports who have the right to live permanently in the United Kingdom may be given on arrival a visitor’s permit for six months.

There are certain conditions for the visa requirement to be waived.

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