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Poisonous Spiders

Watch out for the Poisonous Spiders


Poisonous spiders pose a danger to visitors to Australia, so watch out for them

If you stay in, or are close to, the bush (or even just some gardens), there could be a danger from some types of poisonous spiders, particularly the funnelweb, redback or white-tail.

These are poisonous spiders and anyone bitten by them should immediately be brought to a hospital where the correct antivenene can counteract the poison.

It is important to know which spider is the culprit. If you can’t recognise one from another, but have been able to kill the spider, bring it along to the hospital for identification.

Otherwise, make sure you can describe the spider carefully.

Check shoes and socks

Of the poisonous spiders, the funnelweb, found in eastern Australia, particularly New South Wales, is a relatively large, stubby-looking spider with hairy legs and body. These poisonous spiders may attempt to go indoors when the ground is wet and hide in shoes and socks, so put on footwear only when you’re sure it’s free of them.

The redback, another of the poisonous spiders, is distinguished by its red back and the white-tail by its white tail. (Of course.)

All these poisonous spiders may live in the garden so be careful when you have to move small rocks or stones or dead twigs and leaves.

Since you will no doubt have difficulty knowing which spider is dangerous and which is not, avoid spiders altogether and take precautions during those wet times when they are likely to seek refuge indoors.

It's not funny, mate.

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