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Kings Cross

The Sydney that Never Sleeps


Kings Cross at night

Darlinghurst Rd at Kings Cross is alive all hours

Courtesy Tourism New South Wales

Close to the heart of Sydney’s central business district -- and just about a quarter hour's walk from Hyde Park -- is the perpetually alive tourist enclave that is Sydney’s Kings Cross.

In a city that closes down quickly after nightfall, Kings Cross is one of the few places that continue to sparkle and throb throughout the night.

Here, along the narrow strip that is Darlinghurst Rd and which becomes Macleay St at Fitzroy Gardens, souvenir shops, McDonald’s, pubs, ice cream stands and strip joints stand cheek by jowl in a part of Sydney that never sleeps.

A mixture of charm and sleaze

Here in a mixture of charm and sleaze -- tawdry shops and trendy bars, cheap rooms and classy hotels, corner takeaways and colorful bistros -- is a place that can quite easily be one of continuing amazement.

Kings Cross is more than Darlinghurst Rd and Macleay St -- there are the sidestreets and back alleys as well -- and it shares its postcode with neighboring wharfside Woolloomooloo and posh Elizabeth Bay and Rushcutters Bay.

The visitor to Sydney who hopes to experience life at Kings Cross is best advised not to go it alone, for there also are all sorts of low life that one may encounter in the shadows. Generally, the place is a safe place to visit, particularly if with a group; it is the exception of which one must be wary.

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