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Devonport, Tasmania

Across Bass Strait from Melbourne


The Spirit of Tasmania crossing Bass Strait

The Spirit of Tasmania crossing Bass Strait

Courtesy Spirit of Tasmania

Devonport, Tasmania, lies across Bass Strait from Melbourne in Victoria.

From the continental mainland, you can cross the strait with your car from Melbourne on the overnight vehicle ferry, the Spirit of Tasmania.

  • In 2004, a fast ferry service on the Spirit of Tasmania III was begun between Sydney and Devonport. Because of mounting losses, this service was discontinued and the Spirit of Tasmania III made its last voyage from Sydney in August 2006 before being sold.

From Devonport it's a short drive southeast to Launceston.

Devonport itself is very much a way station. It is a small town with a population of fewer than 25,000.

It remains an active seaport and handles the movement of produce from the farms and fisheries of Tasmania.

Some of its attractions:

The Bluff Lighthouse on Mersey Bluff at the northern end of town.

Tiagara on Mersey Bluff just south of the lighthouse. This is the Tasmanian Aboriginal Culture and Art Centre with a fair-sized collection of Aboriginal rock engravings.

The Tasmanian Maritime and Port Museum at Point Frederick near the mouth of the Mersey River with its display of model sailing ships.

Don River Railway and Museum on the Bass Highway. Ride a vintage train and view the collection of steam locomotives and train carriages.

Devonport Gallery and Art Centre on Stewart St.

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