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Great Ocean Road

Coastal Route to the Twelve Apostles


Eastern Beach, Geelong, Victoria

Eastern Beach at Geelong, Victoria

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One of the first times I was in Melbourne, I was told I really should see the Twelve Apostles.

I was told it was an easy drive just beyond Geelong, southwest, then west on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, which was built as a memorial to soldiers slain in World War I.

Some time back I had driven east following the coast all the way to Phillip Island to see the fairy penguins bob out of the sea at dusk and parade home to their burrows on the shore.

So I was quite ready to take the Great Ocean Road this time.

For heaven's sake, get a map

My first mistake was not having a map showing my destination and how I was to get there.

It was easy enough to go to Geelong to see what it had to offer, and I dawdled for a while at the National Wool Museum.

From there I was to cut through to the coast where the Great Ocean Road began.

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