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How To Find the Twelve Apostles


The Twelve Apostles are huge limestone rock formations carved by wind and wave and jutting out of the sea along the southern Victoria coast. Here's how to find them driving from Melbourne.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 2 hours 30 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Have a Melbourne map to find your way through the city.
  2. Get on the Princes Highway, which then becomes the Princes Freeway, heading southwest to Geelong.
  3. At Geelong, you might want to stop and visit the National Wool Museum and other town attractions.
  4. Get on the Surfcoast Highway (100) until you reach Torquay.
  5. Follow route 100 which becomes the Great Ocean Rd after Torquay.
  6. The Great Ocean Rd is a scenic cliffside drive at many sectors. Enjoy the drive and the scenery.
  7. Eighty-nine kilometres to the southwest, stop for a break, if desired, at Apollo Bay.
  8. Within the next 90 kilometres you should find a number of viewing points on your left (south).
  9. Stop at any or all the viewing points to see various limestock rock formations rising from the sea.
  10. At viewing points for the Twelve Apostles you should be able to see several of the Apostles from any one viewing point.


  1. Have a detailed map of the area. If you take any of the side streets at Geelong, for instance, you could lose your way.
  2. Time your trip to avoid heavy traffic particularly during long weekends and school holidays.
  3. You can choose to return to Melbourne via the Princes Highway by turning right on C163 after Port Campbell or at Allansford.
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