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Questacon Exhibits

What's in Store at the Science Museum

Children experience an earthquake at Questacon
Children experience an "earthquake" at Questacon

Experience an earthquake, watch a lightning display, balance a ball in mid-air, make music with light beams. You and your family can do these and more at Questacon.

There are more than 200 exhibits in six galleries at the National Science and Technology Centre, and you should allow at least a couple of hours to go though — and experience — them.

  • This is a place where there are no hands-off signs. In fact, visitors are encouraged to touch and feel exhibits and see how science works and affects everyday lives, often through actual participation and involvement.

Bubble tower
At the bubble tower

Although aimed primarily at students and families with children, the Questacon displays provide a fascinating experience for people of all ages. More than a million visitors troop through Questacon in a year.

Changing displays

The exhibits at Questacon are a mix of permanent displays and one-off seasons.

They range from sharing indigenous knowledge by joining the Burarra people from central Arnhem Land, through funparks, light waves and other natural phenomena to "the clever country" that is Australia.

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Photos courtesy of Questacon

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