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Australian Language - Understanding the Australian Language
Knowing the Australian language and uniquely Australian words and phrases helps in understanding the Australian idiom.
Aussiespeak: Australian Language, Idioms, Terms, Words
Aussiespeak needs an understanding of the Australian language, its idioms, terms, words, phrases.
Australian Language and Colloquialisms
Information and resources relating to understanding the Australian language and its colloquialisms and slang.
Popular Australian & Strine Slang Words - Australia Travel - About.com
G'day, here are some Strine and Australian slang words and phrases you may ... hear a lot of taing around, thanks is so much a part of the Aussie language.
Australian Words Phrases Idioms Terms Language - Australia Travel
The Australian language includes some unique idioms, terms, words, phrases.
Australian & Strine Slang Words Starting With 'A' - Australia Travel
A glossary of Strine and Australian slang - words and phrases starting with the letter A. ... About.com · About Travel · Australia Travel · Language and Slang ...
Strine and Australian Slang - Back o' Beyond to Butt - Australia Travel
Strine and Aussie slang: a glossary of unique Australian words and phrases starting ... Australian Language and Colloquialisms; Strine and Aussie Slang - B.
Strine and Australian Slang - Sanger to Sydneysider - Australia Travel
Strine and Aussie slang: a glossary of unique Australian words and phrases starting with S. ... Sometimes used for uneducated, unrefined language. struth.
The Meaning of "Thongs" in Australia - Australia Travel - About.com
Thongs in Australia are not the skimpy, sexy pieces of underwear some people think of when hearing the term. ... Ah, the disillusion caused by language.
Australian Rhyming Slang - Australia Travel - About.com
An explanation of Australian rhyming slang together with examples. ... Strine and Australian Slang · Australian Language · Speak For Success Speech Lesson 5 ...
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