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Crocodiles in Australia - Australia Travel Guide - About.com
There are two types of crocodiles to be wary of: the saltwater crocodile, the saltie, and the freshwater crocodile, the freshie. Both are found in northern Australia, ...
Prehistoric Crocodiles and Crocodile Evolution
Of all the reptiles alive today, crocodiles and alligators may be the least changed from their prehistoric ancestors of the late Cretaceous period, over 65 million ...
Prehistoric Crocodile Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Prehistoric crocodiles were close cousins of the first dinosaurs, and some of them attained dimosaur-like sizes. Here are pictures, illustrations and photographs ...
Why Did Crocodiles Survive the K/T Extinction?
Well, the fact is that dinosaurs, pterosaurs and crocodiles are all descended from archosaurs, the "ruling lizards" of the late Permian and early Triassic periods.
Allodaposuchus - About.com Prehistoric Crocodiles - Dinosaurs
All throughout the Mesozoic Era, right up to the end of the Cretaceous period, prehistoric crocodiles (and vaguely crocodile-like "crocodylomorphs") lived ...
Deinosuchus - About.com Prehistoric Reptiles - Dinosaurs
One of the most fearsome crocodiles of the late Cretaceous period.
Theriosuchus - About.com Prehistoric Crocodiles - Dinosaurs
Named by the famous 19th-century paleontologist Richard Owen, Theriosuchus, the "beast crocodile," has pretty much slipped into the mists of history. For one ...
Anatosuchus - About.com Prehistoric Crocodiles - Dinosaurs
Not literally a cross between a duck and a crocodile, Anatosuchus was an unusually small (only about two feet from head to tail) ancestral crocodile equipped ...
Pholidosaurus - About.com Prehistoric Crocodiles - Dinosaurs
Ever since its excavation in Germany, in 1841, this early Cretaceous proto- crocodile has gone under various genus and species names (Macrorhynchus is one ...
Sarcosuchus - About.com Prehistoric Reptiles
Like modern crocodiles, it's believed that Sarcosuchus lay half-submerged in rivers and streams, tilting its eyes upward to catch sight of its middle Cretaceous ...
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