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Sydney Australia - Harbour City - Australia Travel - About.com
Sydney is Australia's best known city and the first to be established in Australia by the English navigators, soldiers and convict settlers.
Free Sydney Attractions - Australia Travel - About.com
Colonial churches, pubs and other buildings, restaurants, shops, street entertainment, weekend market are among the free Sydney attractions in the Rocks area ...
Sydney Landmarks - Australia Travel - About.com
Sydney landmarks are not only distinctive structures on the Sydney urban landscape but also assist visitors and newcomers to the city to find their bearings.
Hampden-Sydney College - GPA, SAT Scores and ACT Scores ...
Hampden-Sydney College is a private liberal arts college for men in Virginia. Nearly a half of all applicants will not get in, and those who are admitted tend to ...
Hampden-Sydney College Admissions: SAT Scores, Financial Aid ...
Founded in 1775, Hampden-Sydney College is the 10th oldest college in the United States. It is also one of the few all-male colleges in the country.
Sydney Australia - What to See and Do in Sydney Australia
When confronted with questions on what to do and where to go on visiting Sydney, Australia, for the first time, here are three practical steps to give you a running ...
Sydney Travel Guide - Australia Travel - About.com
CONFIRM your Sydney accommodation arrangements. Or if you wish to take potluck, there's a visitor's help desk at Sydney airport to help you with your choice  ...
Sydney to Melbourne - Australia Travel - About.com
When driving from Sydney to Melbourne you can visit most of Australia's southeastern coastal attractions by following Highway 1 which goes all around the ...
Sydney Beaches Photo Gallery - Australia Travel - About.com
Sydney beaches provide day-out pleasures in swimming, surfing, or simply lazing away the day on brilliant white sand or in adjacent parkland.
The Rocks - Sydney, Australia - Australia Travel - About.com
The Rocks district in Sydney is the birthplace of Australia and a place worth visiting.
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