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Australia Travel - By Category

Visiting Australia
Australia travel offers a vast panorama of spectacular sights, natural wonders, cosmopolitan cities, historic towns, and friendly people, from the tropical north to the sub-antarctic islands.

Adventure and Sports
Innumerable adventure and sports activities are available in Australia for the active outdoors person or simply the leisurely type.

Australian Wildlife
Have a close encounter of the fish, bird or animal kind when you visit Australia. See them in their natural habitat, in the reefs, seas, air, trees, bush, rocks, rainforests.

Culture and the Arts
Culture provides an amazing insight into the character of a people through their language, museums, art galleries, theatre.

Dining and Restaurants
Discover Australian food and dining and Australia's local restaurants, bistros, inns, bars, and cafes.

Events and Festivals
Public holidays and festivals - what's happening where and when - are a focus of national and local celebrations.

Language and Slang
The language is English but there certainly are differences in common expressions including slang and other colloquialisms. Know what the locals are saying.

People and Population
Do you know who the Australian Governor-General is or how the population is constituted according to the Census? Here's helpful information on these and other people questions.

Photo Galleries
See images of Australia and New Zealand singly or in photo galleries: cities, regions, islands, attractions.

Popular Attractions
A number of Australian and New Zealand destinations are more popular than others. Find out which destinations they are and the reasons for their continuing attraction.

Practical Information
When in Australia, will you take the bus, train, ferry or plane? Will you drive? Are there dangerous creatures? Information on these and other matters are included here.

Sightseeing is a major part of holiday and other types of travel in Australia and New Zealand. Know what to see and where to find them.

Tours and Travel
Go on an ordered tour of particular areas in Australia or New Zealand. Here are some tour suggestions.

Where to Stay
Find accommodation while you travel, particularly for overnight stays along the way, and for longer-term "home away from home" facilities: hotels, motels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, inns, hostels, apartments, caravan parks, camping grounds.


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