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Boobie bird ... largest of seabirds on Lord Howe Island

Boobie bird ... largest of seabirds on Lord Howe Island

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This boobie bird (also known as booby) is found on Lord Howe Island, off the northern coast of New South Wales.

This boobie bird was photographed on North Head with Mount Lidgbird and Mount Gower in the background.

The species of boobie bird found on Lord Howe Island is the masked boobie or booby (Sula dactylatra), the largest of the seabirds to breed on the island.

The boobie bird is all white except for a black mask around the eyes and small black flashes on the wings.

The subtropical Lord Howe Island, with an area of 15 square kilometres, is 550 kilometres east of Port Macquarie and 770 kilometres northeast of Sydney. It is a popular tourist destination but with restrictions on visitor numbers.

Lord Howe Island is one of Australia's 19 World Heritage sites.

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