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Shingleback lizard ... common stump-tailed skink

Shingleback lizard ... common stump-tailed skink

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This shingleback lizard was photographed in Outback New South Wales. The shingleback is a common stump-tailed skink having a stout body, wedge-shaped head, stumpy tail and large, rough scales on the upper surface.

The shingleback lizard, also known as shingleback, is found in the southern half of Australia aside from the eastern and southeastern coastal areas.

According to the Australian Museum, the shingleback lizard is common on the plains west of the Great Dividing range where rainfall is low and throughout the semi-arid habitats of inland Australia.

The Great Dividing Range runs the entire length of the eastern Australian coastline and affects climate and weather east (where the coastal cities and towns are) and west of the range.

The short rounded tail of the shingleback lizard is similar to its head in appearance and can confuse predators getting ready to pounce on the lizard's head.

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