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Balingup to Byron Bay

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Balingup, Western Australia
Balingup in Western Australia celebrates Medieval Carnivale on a weekend in August.

Ballarat, Victoria
Ballarat, Victoria, the city with a gold-rush past, is the state's largest inland city.

Balmain Bug
The balmain bug, also known as butterfly fan lobster, is a species of slipper lobster found in shallow waters in Australia.

Bark Paintings at Tandanya
Part of the indigenous multi-arts displays at Tandanya, the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, in Adelaide.

Barossa Valley
One of Australia's best known wine regions. Visit the wineries, taste the wine.

Bathurst Island
This is part of the Tiwi Islands group north of Darwin in the Northern Territory, a place to visit for its indigenous people, culture, arts and crafts.

Bay of Fires
Bay of Fires, nominated by guidebook publisher Lonely Planet as the place to visit in 2009, is located on the east coast of Tasmania.

Baz Luhrmann
Baz Luhrmann is one of Australia's best known movie directors achieving prominence with his much-awarded films Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge.

Baz Luhrmann Films
One of Australia's most imaginative, most innovative film directors, Baz Luhrmann has three outstanding films to his credit, the only three movies he has directed so far.

Beach Girl, Coffs Harbour
A solitary person on a stretch of beach at Coffs Harbour.

Beach Safety - Australia
There have been a number of beach deaths in Australia which could have easily been prevented or reduced through the taking of simple precautions. Here are some basic rules to follow.

Bellingen, New South Wales
An idyllic Australian country town on the banks of a river, home to artists and crafstmen and people seeking an alternative lifestyle, Bellingen is the film location for the new Australian movie "Eucalyptus" with Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman.

Bents Basin, Southwest Sydney
Discover cool water and an oasis of green in the outer southwestern suburbs.

Bermagui, New South Wales
Bermagui is a fishing village on the New South Wales Sapphire Coast.

Best Sydney Beach
A plus for Manly Beach is its easy accessibility by ferry from Sydney's Circular Quay.

Best Sydney Hotel
The best Sydney hotel depends to an extremely large extent on personal experience and personal preferences.

Best Sydney Wildlife Park
The best Sydney wildlife park is probably where you can see the animals close at hand and even walk with or feed them.

Best Time to Visit Sydney - Autumn
The Sydney autumn, from March 1 to May 31, is a quieter, cooler -- and less expensive -- time than the Sydney summer.

Best Time to Visit Sydney - Spring
In the spring (September 1 to November 30), the weather's great, it is a time of regrowth and, yes, romance is in the air.

Best Time to Visit Sydney - Summer
The Australian summer is a time of great cultural activity -- outstanding theatre, street performances, art exhibitions -- as well as a time of pilgrimage to the beach.

Best Time to Visit Sydney - Winter
If you prefer the cold to heat, especially if seeking to esape the northern summer, the best time to visit Sydney could be in the Australian winter.

The Big Island
Australia - Here's some of what you need to know about the land Down Under.

Blue Gum, Tasmanian
State flower of Tasmania.

Blue Mountains
West of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are a popular daytrip destination.

Blue Mountains Yulefest
The Blue Mountains of New South Wales holds its Yulefest festival in the winter months of June, July and August.

Blue-Ringed Octopus and Other Dangerous Creatures
The blue-ringed octopus has a highly venomoous bite.

Boobie Bird
Photographed on Lord Howe Island off the northern coast of New South Wales.

Bottlenose Dolphins
The bottlenose dolphins are to be found in temperate and tropical seas in many parts of the world and are the subject of dolphin watch cruises in Australia and New Zealand.

Bowral Tulip Time Festival: Springtime in the Southern Highlands
The Bowral Tulip Time Festival takes place in the early spring in the New South Wales Southern Highlands.

The Queensland town of Bowen is one of many jump-off points to the islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Boxing Day
Boxing Day (Proclamation Day in South Australia) is the day after Christmas Day, a national public holiday in Australia.

Brett Whiteley - Australian Artist
Australian artist Brett Whiteley (1939-1992), in the forefront of Australia's avant-garde art movement, was the recipient of a number of prizes and awards, with his work hanging in numerous galleries including the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra, the Tate Gallery in London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Bridgeclimb provides visitors the opportunity to climb up to the top arch of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Brisbane, Queensland
A close look at Australia's third largest city. What to see, what to do.

Brisbane Region Map
Queensland's capital city and its environs.

Tall crane, over 1 metre, found in Australia's tropical wetlands.

Broome, Western Australia
The coastal pearling town of Broome is hardly inaccessible despite its distance from Australia's capital cities and has become a year-round holiday destination.

The buloke is a leafless casuarina or sheoak tree growing to some 15 metres with fine, twisted, grey-green branchlets and woody cones belonging to the genus Allocasuarina and generally found in eastern Australia.

Bungle Bungle (Purnululu) National Park, Western Australia
The Kimberley's Bungle Bungle (Purnululu) National Park is distinguished by its rounded rock towers striped horizontally in alternating orange and black.

Burley Griffin, Walter
Walter Burley Griffin is the American architect who designed Canberra, Australia's capital city.

Bushfire Danger
Take precautions in the bushfire season and avoid danger areas when traveling.

Byron Bay Beach
A golden beach arcing into the horizon at Byron Bay.

Byron Beach Lighthouse
Built in 1901 and one of the most powerful in the southern hemisphere.

Byron Bay: Sun, Surf and a Laid-back Lifestyle
A popular destination on the New South Wales North Coast - closer to the Queensland border than it is to the NSW capital, Sydney - Byron Bay is a magnet for visitors following the sun, particularly in winter, and for those intrigued by a culture that mixes fun, surfing and a laid-back alternative lifestyle with a more traditional, country...

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