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Things to Do


There's a richness of activities for you to enjoy when you visit Australia. Among the host of things to do are many and varied activities such as sightseeing, bushwalking, sailing, surfing, swimming, skiing, diving, or simply lazing away the days under a tropical sun.
  1. What to See
  2. World Heritage Sites
  3. Beaches and Beach Resorts
  4. In the Water
  5. On the Road
  1. Walking Tracks
  2. Skiing and Snowboarding
  3. Food and Drink
  4. Shopping and Souvenirs

What to See

The Devils Marbles, Northern Territory, copyright Tourism NT

There are myriad attractions in Australia that would be of interest to visitors, from World Heritage sites to idyllic island resorts, from mountains touching the clouds to coral reefs under the sea, and are found in every state and territory of Australia.

World Heritage Sites

Tongariro National Park, copyright Tourism New Zealand

There are 19 World Heritage sites in Australia inscribed by the World Heritage Committee of the United Nations. These include the World Heritage-listed Melbourne Royal Exhibition Building and the Sydney Opera House.

Beaches and Beach Resorts

Cable Beach, Western Australia, copyright Tourism Western Australia

Australia, with its generally warmer weather, is noted for its innumerable beaches, surfing and diving sites, beach and island resorts, and its fascinating coastal towns. Here's a sampling of some the places you might want to vsit.

In the Water

Whale shark at Ningaloo Reef, copyright Tourism Western Australia

There are a number of activities in and on the water you can dive into in Australia and New Zealand, from going on lake and sea cruises to swimming with the denizens of the deep to diving or snorkeling among colorful reef.

On the Road

On the road to Horseshoe Bay in Bowen, Queensland, copyright Tourism Queensland

I've never been lost on Australian roads. Well, that's not exactly true. I missed a turn once on the way to the Twelve Apostles in Victoria and some city one-way streets can lead you astray. So it's always best to have a map or street directory handy. Mostly, driving in Australia is pleasant and fun.

Walking Tracks

Along Tasmania's Overland Track, copyright Australian Tourist Commission

For those who love to go bushwalking or taking long hikes lasting several days, Australia has numerous walking tracks of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty. Almost every city or town would have walking tracks close by — it's just a matter of asking around to discover one near where you're staying. Some relatively longer tracks follow:

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, copyright Australian Tourist Commission

When it's summer in northern hemisphere countries, get away from the heat and come to the snow, for it'll be winter Down Under. In Australia, you can ski and snowboard in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania in the ski season. But be sure to book your accommodation early as the better places get booked out before the season begins.

Food and Drink

Doyles Restaurant at Sydney's Watsons Bay, copyright Tourism New South Wales

Australia is a country of such diversity in culture and cuisine that the influences of food from around the world and from local indigenous communities are making their mark on Australian cuisine. There are, of course, the usual fast food places but you can certainly aspire for better than those.

Shopping and Souvenirs

South Sea pearl from Broome, Western Australia, copyright Tourism Western Australia

Quite a large number of visitors to any country consider shopping, particularly for unique gifts and souvenirs, part of the joys of travel. Here are some places you may want to visit as well as precautionary advice on certain items you may want to buy.

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