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Adelaide to Perth

Touring Australia on Highway 1


Cafes along South Terrace, Fremantle

Cafes along South Terrace, Fremantle

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  • Australia's circumferential Highway 1 takes you all around the continent, generally following a coastal route. Here's the Highway 1 route from Adelaide to Perth.

From Adelaide, the Princes Highway continues roughly north-northwest to Port Augusta where you then turn in a westerly direction on the Eyre Highway. The Princes and Eyre Highways are part of Highway 1.

Follow the Eyre Highway along the Great Australian Bight coast as it crosses the arid, treeless expanse of the Nullarbor into Western Australia.

It turns south at Norseman, then west at Esperance where it becomes the South Coast Highway, still part of Highway 1, heading southwest to Albany.

From Albany the South Coast Highway continues west, becoming the South-Western Highway after the town of Walpole, heading all the way northwest to Bunbury.

Side trip

  • Along the western coast west of the South Western Highway lies the Western Australia wine region of Margaret River, as well regarded for its surf as for its wines. One way to take a side trip into the Margaret River region is to turn west into Brockman Highway from Bridgetown. From the southern end of the region, you can then drive north along Russell Highway to Bunbury to rejoin Highway 1.

North from Bunbury

From Bunbury, simply follow the Atlantic coast all the way north to Fremantle and Perth.

An alternative route to Perth is through the Kwinana Freeway.

Heritage tour

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