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Visiting the Australian Parliament House


The Australian Parliament House Is Open Daily
Visiting Australian Parliament House, Canberra

Visiting Australian Parliament House, Canberra

Steve Keough Photography © Australian Capital Tourism

The Australian Parliament House in Canberra is open to visitors daily except on Christmas Day.

On sitting days, when sessions of Parliament take place, the Australian Parliament House is open from 8.30am until 5pm. On other days it is open from 9am.

Free guided tours

Visitors to the Australian Parliament House may join guided tours which are regularly conducted. Telephone 02-6277-5399 for daily tour start times or inquire at the Information desk in the building foyer.

Security screening

Security measures have been put in place to insure the security of the Australian Parliament House and the safety of Parliamentarians, Parliamentary workers and the visiting public.

These measures should not impede the public in visiting Parliament and viewing Parliamentary proceedings.

Some restricted items may have to be deposited in the cloakroom before touring the building is allowed.

Parking facilities

Visitors are able to use a large underground carpark as well as extensive surface carpark areas between Parliament House and the Old Parliament House.

Parking spaces for bicycles are also available.

Parking is free of charge.

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