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Underfoot and downtrodden? Actually the writers — with their metal plaques embedded along the walkway around Sydney's Circular Quay — are being honored, and their lives and works celebrated, on the Sydney Writers Walk. You will find these plaques from around the International Passenger Terminal on West Circular Quay, down to the walkway between the ferry jetties and the train station, and all the way to the side of the Sydney Opera House forecourt on East Circular Quay.

The writers represented on Writers Walk include not only Australians but also those who lived in, or visited, Australia, such as D H Lawrence, Rudyard Kipling and Mark Twain.

The plaques, arranged here in alphabetical order by surname, provide interesting, informative reading in capsule form. Photographs of the Writers Walk plaques were taken by Larry Rivera.

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Four-times winner of Australia's Miles Franklin AwardThea AstleyShe wrote of her father brought to Australia by slave tradersFaith BandlerWorld War I historian and war correspondentC E W BeanPoet, critic, scholar, a prominent figure in Sydney Bohemian circlesChristopher Brennan
A winner of every major award in Australian literaturePeter CareyPolish-born English novelistJoseph ConradHistorian, journalist, creator of Cliff HardyPeter CorrisDark trilogy a light on European settlementEleanor Dark
British naturalist after whom the Northern Territory capital was namedCharles DarwinHe's sometimes called the "laureate of the larrikin"C J DennisSpiritualist and Sherlock Holmes creatorArthur Conan DoyleUmberto EcoUmberto Eco
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