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Australia travel offers a vast panorama of spectacular sights, natural wonders, cosmopolitan cities, historic towns, and friendly people, from the tropical north to the sub-antarctic islands.
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The Lure of Australia
To visitors from the northern and western hemispheres, Australia is rather the "other side of the world" -- a place that may be distant but is actually only about a day away by air from many places in North America and Europe. Australia is both continent and country and is one of the remaining places on earth where wilderness and desert are as...

Australia A to I
An indication of the broad spectrum of Australian attractions, destinations and other information is contained in this alphabetical list.

Australia J to R
From J to R, Australian destinations, attractions and interesting facts are alphabetically listed.

Australia S to Z
From Sydney to Zeehan, continue your ABC tour of Australian geography, life and culture.

Do You Need a Visa?
If you're visiting for a short period of time and coming from certain designated countries, you probably won't need a visa as such but be able to get an electronic travel authority (ETA) or an eVisitor document from the Internet.

Australian Travel Planner
Plan your trip to Australia by knowing or having an idea of what to do, what to see, and what the different states and territories offer, and then working out an itinerary that can be as rigid or as flexible as you wish.

Australia Facts
Here's some basic information about Australia so you can more easily make your choices when faced with multiple travel options.

Australian Flag
Here's a picture and description of the Australian flag.

Australian National Anthem: Advance Australia Fair
Advance Australia Fair is the national anthem of Australia. It is a revised version of a late 19th century patriotic song, and was officially declared the national anthem on April 19, 1984.

The Australian Outback
The Australian Outback is out there, but where exactly is it?

Australian Weather and Climate
Australia weather and climate vary from north to south with the northern parts of the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia in the tropics and the rest of the country in the temperate zone.

Summer in Australia
Summer in Australia is in the northern hemisphere winter months of December, January and February.

Autumn in Australia
The Australian autumn begins in March and ends in May.

Winter in Australia
Winter in Australia takes place in June, July and August when it is summer in the northern hemisphere.

Spring in Australia
Spring in Australia is a time of regrowth and flowers and an ideal time for travel.

Australia Month by Month
Check out the months when you plan to visit Australia for weather conditions, public holidays, events and festivals, and sundry information.

There is a wealth of Australia road trips that visitors to the country can...
There are any number of Australia road trips that bring visitors to the country's many popular destinations.

Australia's Capital Cities
Six Australian states and two major mainland territories have their capital cities from the Top End in the north to the island state of Tasmania in the south.

Amazing Australia: Pictures
Discover features of Australia's unique landscape and seascape found in numerous places in this continent nation.

Australia's Floral Emblems: National and State Flowers
Australia and its states and major territories have national, state and territory flowers as their floral emblems.

Animal Emblems of Australia
A number of Australian states and territories have adopted official animal emblems or symbolic state and territory animals.

Bird Emblems of Australia
Various Australian birds have been formally adopted by Australia's mainland territories and most of its states as their bird emblems.

Popular Australia Beaches
With more than 10,000 beaches all around Australia, there's no problem finding one along the coast, with some more popular with beachgoers than others.

Australia Botanic Gardens
Wherever you are in Australia, there will be botanic gardens near you which are showcases of Australian flora and places for leisure, relaxation and outdoor activities.

Australian Casinos
A large number of major Australian cities and towns, including all the state and mainland territory capitals, have casinos with table and electronic games for visitors and locals alike.

More Australian Casinos
Australia's casinos are to be found in popular tourist areas, and feature gaming tables and gaming machines, restaurants and hotel rooms.

Australia Caves
Discover the undnrground. A large number of caves in Australia are open to the public through guided or self-guided tours and caving adventures.

Australia Highway
The Australia highway around the Australian continent is Highway 1.

Australian Theme Parks
Australian theme parks with a variety of rides and a carnival atmosphere are a particular attraction for the young and the young at heart. Here's where to find them.

Australian Trains

Australian trains fill a need for more leisurely travel over great distances on the Australian continent. And state and city rail systems provide efficient transport for workers and commuters. In this list are some Australian trains for long-distance travel.

Hotels and Other Accommodation
Hotels, motels, hostels, inns, B&Bs, caravan parks, camping grounds and other types of accommodation available in Australia.

Plan Your Trip
Planning Australia travel includes knowing entry requirements, destinations, attractions and other travel information.

Australia Quiz
Test your knowledge of Australia.

Welcome to Paradise
Here's how to go to Paradise - in Tasmania and Victoria - and pray you find your way, and Nowhere Else.

Australia the Movie
Australia the movie is an Australian Outback saga set in the years leading to the Japanese bombing raid on Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory in the early months of World War II's Pacific War.

Oprah Winfrey in Australia
American television talk show megastar Oprah Winfrey was in Australia with 300 of her TV audience on Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure in December 2010.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park: World Heritage Site

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