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The Ekka

Royal Queensland Show


Carnival time at the Ekka

Carnival time at the Ekka

Courtesy ekka.com.au

  • The 2013 Ekka opens on August 8 and continues until August 17. Ekka Day, a public holiday in Brisbane, is on August 14.

It's the Ekka and it's Queensland's largest annual event.

The Ekka's official name is the Royal Queensland Show, and it's normally held in August in Brisbane. Along with those of Sydney and Melbourne, the Ekka is one of the top three agricultural shows in Australia and draws more than 600,000 visitors each year.

It's also known as The Exhibition. If you're wondering about the term ekka, that's short for exhibition. (You know how we Aussies just love cutting words down to size.)

Public holiday

Somewhere in the middle of the Ekka is Ekka Day which is a public holiday in Brisbane.

Where country and city meet

The Royal Queensland Show is held yearly by the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA) and celebrates Queensland lifestyle, industry and heritage in a meeting of country and city.

Much like the Sydney Royal Easter Show, which is the New South Wales equivalent, the Ekka is both a festive, carnival-style event with sideshows, showbags, thrill rides and food stalls with a wide-ranging agricultural exhibition including arts, crafts, farm animals and birds and the fruits of the land.


The Ekka is held in Brisbane at the RNA Showground at the northern end of Gregory Terrace. More Ekka information at ekka.com.au.

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