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Language and Slang

The language is English but there certainly are differences in common expressions including slang and other colloquialisms. Know what the locals are saying.

Australian Language
It's not just the language, it's also the accent. But knowing the uniquely Australian words and phrases is an important first step in understanding the Australian language.

Aussiespeak: Understanding Australian
For visitors coming Down Under, knowing a bit of Australian will certainly be helpful. Don't let language become a barrier to great friendships.

Ava Captain Cook at Rhyming Slang
Now you won't be standing up, or sitting down, open-mouthed as your Aussie mates bandy rhyming slang all around you.

G'day and All That
Strine and Australian slang and how, and when, to use or not to use unique Australian expressions.

Strine and Aussie Slang
A glossary of some of the words you may hear on your visit to Australia.

The word "cooee is a uniquely Australian word used to find people who may be lost in the bush and help pinpoint locations during search or rescue activities.

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