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Melbourne's Chinatown

Little Bourke St


Grand red arch welcomes visitors to Melbourne's Chinatown

Grand red arch welcomes visitors to Melbourne's Chinatown

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Two grand red arches bookend Melbourne's Chinatown on Little Bourke St between Swanston and Spring Sts.

This is an area of Chinese restaurants and shops, close to the shopping districts at its western end and the theatre district at its eastern end.

North from Flinders St Station

If you consider Swanston St as Melbourne's main street, you should find Little Bourke St a few blocks' walk north from Flinders St Station and Federation Square.

Melbourne's Chinatown is on the route of the city's free tourist transport system comprising the City Circle Tram and the City Tourist Shuttle.

Chinese and Asian restaurants

Look at Melbourne's Chinatown as being bounded by Swanston St on the west, Spring St on the east, Lonsdale St on the north and Bourke St on the south with Little Bourke St running parallel with Lonsdale and Bourke Sts.

Melbourne's Chinatown restaurants are to be found not only on Little Bourke St but in cross streets and alleys bisecting, or radiating from, it.

Nineteenth-century buildings house well-known Chinese and Asian restaurants serving not only banquet fare or a la carte dishes but also lunchtime yum cha.

Exhibitions and heritage tours

For those with an interest in Chinese history and culture in Australia, the Museum of Chinese Australian History, or the Chinese Museum for short, is on Cohen Place along Jones Lane between Lonsdale and Little Bourke Sts.

Changing exhibitions, heritage tours and public seminars are some of the ways by which the museum shares the past, culture, and values of Australia's Chinese community.

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