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Arriving in Auckland

From the Airport to the City


The Auckland International Airport is about 21 kilometres southwest of the city centre.

A large number of Auckland hotels and motels will have a free shuttle service. If you booked your accommodation with one of these, there should be no problem getting to Auckland from the airport.

Free phone service

If you have not pre-booked accommodation, there is a free phone service at the international terminal which connects you to a number of hotels. Descriptions and locations would very likely be posted on an information board.

Try for one with a free airport shuttle service and ask to be picked up.

If you plan to drive you can rent a car right at the airport from such well-known names as Hertz or Avis.

Try for lower cost

If renting a vehicle, a usually better and more economical way is to organise your hire car with your travel agent at the time you book your trip as you may be able to get cheaper rates outside New Zealand as part of a larger package..

But if you hadn’t done this, it may be cheaper to rent a car in the city itself (instead of at the airport) where the number of car rental companies insures your ability to compare costs and get the most for your money.

But first you’d need to get to the city and to your Auckland hotel, motel, hostel or other accommodation.

If your hotel doesn’t provide a free pick-up service, you can take either a taxi or an airport shuttle bus that takes you direct to your destination. If you’re going to a backpacker or youth hostel, there may be a special discounted rate available to you.

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