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Broken Hill Living Desert Reserve


Sculpture in the Hills
There are sculptures there in the Living Desert Reserve

There are sculptures there in the Living Desert Reserve

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It is surprising to find, in the New South Wales Outback, hilltops marked by large pieces of sculpture.

The outdoor art pieces are in the Living Desert Reserve, just nine kilometres out of the New South Wales far west city of Broken Hill close to the South Australia border.

This is the area where Australia's massive mining conglomerate BHP Billiton — originally Broken Hill Proprietary Limited years before its merger with Billiton in 2001 — has had its start and Broken Hill remains identfiably a mining town.

Grown out of industry and personal toil, Broken Hill has as well become an artists' haven as the Outback landscape drew painters and other artists such as the popular and legendary Pro Hart who died in 2006.

So yes, the sculpture in the hills is quite likely but another manifestation of the flowering of art and culture in this Outback setting.

Walk through Broken Hill's Living Desert Reserve, commune with Nature in its Flora and Fauna Sanctuary and immerse yourself in the sculpture in the hills.

The 12 large sandstone pieces were created by artists from around the world and have their own stories to tell.

As for the Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, highlights include the Arboretum and the Sturt pea wildflower display. Notable among the region's fauna is the red kangaroo. Interestingly, the Sturt's desert pea is the floral emblem of South Australia and the red kangaroo the animal emblem of the Northern Territory.

The Flora and Fauna Sanctuary occupies an area of 180 hectares with a cultural — and discovery — walking trail of one and a half kilometres.

From Broken Hill city centre drive out to Nine Mile Rd and follow it for fewer than 8 kilometres to the Living Desert Reserve.

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