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Park Hyatt Hotel, Sydney

The Park Hyatt Hotel. By the water in the Rocks district, Sydney

Courtesy Tourism New South Wales

Sydney hotels can provide accommodation as grand or as modest as you want.

There are a number of luxury Sydney hotels, mostly in the Rocks district, in the heart of the city and in Darling Harbour.

You can, if you wish, live the life of a grand potentate in the Presidential Suite, or whatever it's called at your particular Sydney hotel.

Consult your travel agent

If you're booking accommodation as part of a complete travel package, check with your travel agent on the range, location and cost of Sydney hotels.

If you're booking your own accommodation, get as much information as you wish about Sydney hotels from the Internet.

A number of visitors to this site pose accommodation questions on our Forum and ask for recommendations.

Hotel prices

As a rule of thumb, room tariffs would start at around A$250 a night at the better Sydney hotels. If your hotel is by Sydney Harbour and have water views, expect room tariffs to increase the nearer you are to the water. At the top end of the scale, with luxury suites and a package of amenities, the sky's really the limit.

Accommodation choices

If your business or leisure needs require being close to the heart of Sydney, remember that room tariffs are higher in the city than in the city's fringes.

For those traveling on a budget, Sydney youth hostels and backpacker hostels may be an option. Some of them are located conveniently close to the heart of the city. (The Central YHA hostel, for instance, is adjacent to Central Station, Sydney's railway hub. Some backpacker hostels are at Kings Cross.)

Accommodation types

Other accommodation types include the following:

  • Motels, particularly if you're driving. These would generally be farther away from the city centre.
  • Serviced apartments, rooms or suites. You can find them in and away from the city centre.
  • Bed and breakfasts, some offering home-style accommodation. Some B&Bs can be quite pricey.
  • Budget hotels and pubs. (Australian pubs offer accommodation, usually single rooms and with common toilets and shower rooms.)
  • Backpacker hostels, providing rooms or dormitory accommodation.
  • Youth hostels. Usually part of the Youth Hostel Association and you should be a member, regardless of age, to take advantage of low accommodation rates.
  • Caravan parks. You'd usually find these in the outer suburbs and on the fringes of the city. You can hire space for your own caravan (if you're driving one), or you can be accommodated in caravans for rent on the site.
  • Camping grounds. Some national parks allow camping in specified areas.

Get advice

Whatever type of Sydney accommodation you choose, if you have friends or acquaintances who have traveled to Sydney before, it may be wise to solicit their advice on Sydney hotels also.

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