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Outback Australia

Uluru and Alice Springs


Camel trek, Alice Springs, Australia

In Australia's Red Centre a camel trek of discovery

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Australia's Red Centre is the heart of Outback Australia where you find Uluru, Australia's most famous rock monolith, and the town of Alice Springs.

Uluru, which used to be better known as Ayers Rock, is an iconic image of Outback Australia located in the Northern Territory in the very heart of the continent.

The Red Centre takes its name from the uniquely reddish soil found in the area and in the varying orange-red hues of Uluru.

Australia’s overland telegraph line runs north to south over the heart of Australia, in the centre of which lies the desert community of Alice Springs.

Dinki-di Aussie Outback

If you saw the movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert, this is where the bus reaches the end of its Outback Australia journey.

In fact, Uluru and Alice Springs are major tourist destinations, not only for those coming from overseas but for interstate Aussies as well.

This is the dinki-di Outback Australia, a geographical and geological drawcard for tourists, Mad Max and Priscilla territory for movie fans, but areas of deep spiritual significance to the Aboriginal peoples of Australia.

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