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When in Australia, will you take the bus, train, ferry or plane? Will you drive? Are there dangerous creatures? Information on these and other matters are included here.
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Arriving in Sydney: From the Airport to the City
Here's what to do on arriving in Sydney and how best to get to your hotel.

Australia Travel Planner
Your first trip to Australia? Here are a few pointers on getting organised for your trip - with links to resources, too.

Australia Travel Planner: Going Interstate
Here's your guide to traveling away from Sydney and into Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

Australia Travel Planner: The Australians
Here's your short guide to knowing what Australians are like and some of the Aussie words and phrases they use.

Australian Money: Banknotes and Coins
Australian money consists of plastic banknotes and gold and silver coins. Know how they look and feel to avoid confusion.

Australian Postcodes
For those used to the American postal system, Australian postcodes are the equivalent of American zip codes.

Australian Seasons
The Australian seasons are the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere.

Australian Tropical Cyclones: How They Are Rated
Australian tropical cyclones are rated in five categories according to their strongest wind speed.

Australian Visa Centres
Here are some Australian visa centres where you could get a visa to visit Australia.

Australia Weather and Climate
Knowing what Australia weather is like should guide you in choosing the clothes to wear.

Beach Safety - Australia
There have been a number of beach deaths in Australia which could have easily been prevented or reduced through the taking of simple precautions. Here are some basic rules to follow.

Best Time to Visit Sydney - Autumn
The best time to visit Sydney could be in the Australian autumn.

Best Time to Visit Sydney - Spring
In the spring (September 1 to November 30), the weather's great, it is a time of regrowth and, yes, romance is in the air.

Best Time to Visit Sydney - Summer
The Australian summer is a time of great cultural activity -- outstanding theatre, street performances, art exhibitions -- as well as a time of pilgrimage to the beach.

Best Time to Visit Sydney - Winter
Sydney in the winter could be the best time to visit Australia's largest city.

Car Hire
When renting or hiring a car in Australia and New Zealand, watch out for possible problems in order to have hassle-free travel.

Distances from Melbourne by Road
Have an idea of distances from Melbourne, Victoria, if you're traveling around Australia by road.

Distances from Sydney by Road
Have an idea of distances if you're traveling around Australia from Sydney by road.

Do You Need an Australian Visa?
Here's visa and travel information on what you need to visit Australia.

Driving in Australia

Driving in Australia isn't simply jumping in a car and getting on the road. If you're used to driving on the right, learn to drive on the left. And do learn how to manage turns, go through roundabouts and be ready for electronic tollways.

Emergency Help
When in Australia, know the number to call when you need emergency help.

First Aid Kits for Travel
Being on the road means taking your first aid supplies with you. The complexity of the first aid kit depends on where you're going. Look at your needs when making decisions about what to take on the road. The further you get from civilisation, the more supplies you will need to take.

Getting to Parramatta
Choose your best way to Parramatta from central Sydney: by car, train, bus or ferry.

Getting to Yarra Valley
If you plan driving to the Yarra Valley wine region, get on the Eastern Freeway and follow it to Nunawading where you can then take Maroondah Highway all the way to Yarra Valley.

Hook Turn - Doing the Melbourne Hook
If you plan to drive in Melbourne, watch out for the "hook turn" signs - and be prepared to turn right from the leftmost lane.

If You Get Lost in Sydney
As part of this Sydney travel guide, here's information on what to do if you get lost in the city.

Irukandji Jellyfish Warning
The Irukandji jellyfish is a poisonous killer found in northern Australian waters in the jellyfish season.

Outback Survival Guide: Don't Die in the Australian Outback
Newspaper headlines and radio and television bulletins regularly report of massive searches in bushland or in remote Outback regions for one or more people who have been lost or stranded. Most of the time, these searches end in success. Sometimes they don't.

Personal Medical Information
Travelers frequently forget to take important medical information with them. Trying to remember vital information during an emergency is hard enough; doing it with a language barrier is nearly impossible. Here are some ways to organise personal medical information. Some of these options even have translation services.

Shopping in Sydney
Particularly for first time visitors to Sydney, here's a guide to the shopping areas right in the heart of the city.

Smoking on Queensland Beaches: Bans Enforced on Patrolled Beaches
Queensland law which started to be enforced on March 31, 2005, bans smoking on patrolled Queensland beaches, with smokers subject to on-the-spot fines.

Smoking on Sydney Beaches: Some Bans Are Now in Place
Aside from the health risks associated with smoking, the pollution of beaches and foreshores with tonnes and tonnes of cigarette butts has moved a number of Sydney local government councils to ban cigarette smoking on their beaches.

Stingrays and Other Dangerous Sea Creatures
Stingrays can prove lethal if a swimmer is stung in or near the heart.

Sydney Travel Guide
Here's your Sydney travel guide. Avoid possible hassles on your Sydney travel.

Sydney's Underground Train System
In Sydney the underground train circuit is called the City Circle. The terms subway, underground, tube and metro are not used in reference to the city railway system.

Tipping in Australia
Tips on tipping in Australia shed light on tipping customs.

Touring the Countryside: Travel Tips
If you're new to Australia, it's best to keep these travel tips in mind when touring the Australian countryside.

Watch Out for Aussie Nasties
While Australia is one of the safest places to visit, there may be dangers just around the corner. Here are some nasties to avoid: crocs, sharks, spiders, jellyfish...

What Not to Do in Australia
Don't just go nude in Australia. There's a time and a place for that.

What to Wear in Australia
Except for really formal occasions, casual wear is pretty much the norm in Australia.

Getting a New Zealand Visa
Here's what you need to know to visit the country and discover its many attractions.

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