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Daydream Island

Watersports and Lazy Relaxation


Get set to sail on Daydream Island

Get set to sail on Daydream Island

Photo by Peter Lik, courtesy Tourism Queensland

Daydream Island. The name is evocative of dreams: a tropical island where you can laze the days away with a drink in hand — or go diving among the coral or sailing its cool-blue waters — in a paradise of your choosing.

Daydream Island is one of the smaller islands in the Whitsundays island group with resort accommodation and facilities for guests and daytrippers. It is situated within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Close to the coast

Daydream Island is some five kilometres off the Queensland coast, and you can go by boat from Airlie Beach on the Whitsunday Coast or Hamilton Island, the only Queensland island with a modern jet airport. If flying to the coast, the Whitsunday Coast airport is at Proserpine south of Bowen and north of Mackay.

Despite its small size — one kilometre long and half as wide — Daydream Island is as full-featured as many of the resort islands on the Great Barrier Reef.

Forest and sea

It has its share of white sand beaches with waters that seem made for diving and snorkeling although you can, of course, simply cavort and swim close to shore.

A dense jungle of tropical vegetation occupies the highest — and central — point of the island where you can go bushwalking and birdwatching for parrots and tiny sunbirds.

Leisure and sports

The resort on Daydream Island, which includes a health spa, offers both accommodation and a range of services that cater for snorkeling and diving, sail boarding, jet-skiing, parasailing, reef fishing, sea kayaking. Sports facilities on land are available for tennis, volleyball, badminton and croquet.

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