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What Is XXXX?



A six-pack and bottle of XXXX Gold

Photographed by Larry Rivera
Question: What Is XXXX?
Answer: No, no, no, no, no! It's not film or video pornography of the worst sort.

XXXX is beer, Queensland beer, and it's brewed by Castlemaine Perkins.

The beer is commonly referred to as "fourex."

The XXXX brand has been around since 1878, and in 1999 the 5 billionth XXXX stubbie rolled off the packaging line.

XXXX Bitter is the flagship brand of the Castlemaine Perkins Brewery and was first released in 1924. XXXX Gold was launched in 1991 and is said to be the third biggest beer brand in Australia.

The Castlemaine brewery was established in Victoria in 1859. In 1878 Castlemaine in Queensland started marketing Castlemaine XXX Sparkling Ale. In 1894 Castlemaine added another X and XXXX Sparkling Ale was introduced. The XXXX trademark was applied for that year.

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