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Capricorn Caves


Cathedral Cave
Cathedral Cave ... underground attraction in central Queensland's Capricorn Caves

Cathedral Cave ... underground attraction in central Queensland's Capricorn Caves

Courtesy Capricorn Caves

Capricorn Caves, off the Capricornia Coast in Central Queensland, is where you go underground for the wonders of natural limestone formations risen from the sea and etched by thousands, more likely millions, of years of natural interaction between rainfall and rock and air.

Cave decorations, called speleotherms, developed in time, and these become viewable straws, cave coral, columns, flowstones, shawls and stalactites and stalagmites.

Capricorn Caves are a premier Nature-based attraction in central Queensland in the region around the city of Rockhampton, and its popular main subterranean complex leading to Cathedral Cave is wheelchair-accessible.

Cathedral Cave tour

The Cathedral Cave tour takes an hour from the cave entrance, through smaller caves featuring stalactites and flowstones, rare ferns, and bats clustered on the cave ceilings, through narrow passageways, and ramps for those with degrees of walking difficulty, and so on to Cathedral Cave where, yes, weddings have been held.

Enclosed footwear is recommended for the Cathedral Caves tour and required or essential for other Capricorn Caves tours such as the two-hour Journey of Discovery, two- to three-hour Wild Caving Adventures, and two-hour Family Adventure Caving.

Tour costs and accommodation

Tour details and costs are available on the Capricorn Caves site.

For those who wish to spend more than a day at Capricorn Caves, whether to more fully commune with Nature or indulge in more adventure activities, accommodation options include tent camping and caravan sites to self-contained two-bedroom four-star cabins and a 12-room Lodge for groups.

Getting to the Caves

Capricorn Caves is at 30 Olsen Caves Rd, The Caves, Queensland, and may be reached from Rockhampton heading north on the Bruce Highway, taking the turnoff to The Caves on Barmoya Rd and then on to Olsen Caves Rd. The roughly 29-kilometre route should equate to about a half hour's drive from Rockhampton.

Larry Rivera visited Capricorn Caves as part of a familiarisation tour organised by Tourism Queensland.
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