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Diving and Snorkeling off Rottnest Island

Underwater Adventures


A scuba diver inspects a red sponge in the waters of Rottnest Island

A scuba diver inspects a red sponge in the waters of Rottnest Island

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Western Australia has a richness of diving and snorkeling sites all the way from Geraldton south of Perth around the southwest to Esperance and from Carnarvon to Exmouth north of Perth. Add to these the islands and reefs off the coast and you have a veritable paradise for underwater adventures.

One of the most accessible sites, just 19 kilometres off the coast from Fremantle, is Rottnest Island.

Here you will find submerged shipwrecks and and a great diversity of coral and colorful tropical fish and other marine life.

Where to go

From the jetty at Thomson Bay on the eastern side of the island, you can take the semi-submmersible Underwater Explorer with windows below the waterline to view some of the island's fascinating marine life.

For a quickly accessible snorkeling site, head north from the Settlement to The Basin in Longreach Bay. This is a popular beach area close to the ferry jetty.

To discover where you would like to dive, a visit to the visitor centre close to the Thomson Bay jetty should prove invaluable. Publications on diving and snorkeling — and maps — are availble from the visitor centre.

Diving charters with hire of all diving equipment is available on the island. Particularly during busy times, it's best to pre-book. You can organise to be picked up from Perth or Fremantle.

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