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Chinatown, Sydney

Shops and Restaurants


Dixon St as viewed from the Hay St end

Dixon St as viewed from the Hay St end

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The most visible features of Sydney's Chinatown are its restaurants in the Haymarket area, particularly along Dixon St, which is generally recognised as the Sydney hub of Chinese commerce and cuisine.

In Sydney, Dixon St and Chinatown are often used interchangeably, so diners "go to Dixon St" even when they go to Chinese restaurants or stores that aren't exactly in Dixon St but are in the general Haymarket area which extends east even beyond Elizabeth St to parts of Surry Hills and northwest to the fringes of Darling Harbour.

Chinatown landmark

The Sydney markets on Hay St some metres west of George St at the corner of Thomas St comprise Chinatown's most recognisable landmark. Dixon St starts in front of the markets on Hay St and runs just over two blocks to Goulburn St in the north.

Dixon St is a malled pedestrian area and closed to traffic. Restaurants and a few shops run side by side along the length of Dixon St, so if you're after Chinese food, you'll be spoiled for choice.

Late night dining

When most Sydney restaurants are closed, you won't go wrong by heading to Chinatown where several restaurants are open until late, and into the early morning, for a bowl of congee or a full a la carte dinner.

Smorgasbord and yum cha

Aside from a la carte lunches, midday offerings may include Chinese smorgasbord for a fixed per-person charge and yum cha (sometimes called dim sum in other countries) where you can pick and choose from assorted small Chinese dishes carted around in trolleys.

Places of worship

Chinese places of worship in Sydney are located away from the commercial Haymarket area.

The closest to Haymarket would be the New South Wales Evergreen Taoist Church which moved to the former Mounted Police Barracks on Bourke St, Redfern, in 1998.

A little farther south is located the Yiu Ming Temple on Retreat St, Alexandria, south of Redfern railway station.

In the inner west, the Sze Yup Temple is found on Edward St, Glebe.

Getting to Chinatown

If driving, your most convenient carpark would be the Entertainment Carpark with entrances from Quay St in the south or Pier St in the north. Alternatively, park at the Goulburn Parking Station at the corner of Goulburn and Elizabeth Sts and walk west.

If going by public transport:

  • The tram and Darling Harbour monorail have stops at Haymarket.
  • Take any bus passing through George St and get off at a bus stop close to Hay St.
  • If taking the train, get off at Central Station, walk north along Belmore Park to Hay St, then walk west on Hay.
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