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Here Comes the Dragon

Chinese New Year in Sydney


Australia salutes the dawning of the Chinese New Year with festivities in Chinese and Southeast Asian communities. This year's festival in Sydney.
The Chinese dragon at Sydney's Belmore Park at Chinese New Year festival

The Chinese dragon at Sydney's Belmore Park

Copyright 2006 Larry Rivera
Sydney's Belmore Park, adjacent to Central Station, is a prominent venue of Chinese New Year festivities. Here the Chinese dragon starts to make its way into the park and among the festival crowd.

It is at Belmore Park that Sydney's traditional Chinese New Year markets are held, usually at the start of the Sydney Chinese New Year Festival.

Not only is Belmore Park close to the heart of Chinatown but its proximity to Central Station makes the venue eminently accesssible by train, tram and bus. It is also within convenient walking distance of the southern part of central Sydney.

The dragon plays an important part in Chinese festivals all over the world.

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