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Within walking distance of the Sydney city centre, you'll find the city showcase of Australian wildlife that is Wild Life Sydney at the site of the former Sydney Wildlife World at Darling Harbour. Here are some pictures of Sydney Wildlife World shortly after it opened in 2006.
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Accessible Darling Harbour locationSydney Wildlife WorldArriving by ferry at Aquarium PierArriving by FerryEnter the showcase of Australian wildlifeEntrance to Wildlife WorldDainty winged creatureMonarch Butterfly
Dangerous Australian creatureFunnelweb SpiderTaking a peek at Australian wildlifeViewing the WildlifeScaring predators awayFrilled-Neck LizardSmall, quirky, prickly creatureThorny Devil
A bird of colorful plumageKing ParrotNight creature with the ability to glideSugar GliderCreature of the nightLong-Nosed PotorooHardy creature of dry inland areasEchidna

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