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Tours and Travel

Go on an ordered tour of particular areas in Australia or New Zealand. Here are some tour suggestions.
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Around Australia on Highway 1
Highway 1, which may come under different names in various regions of Australia, takes you on a circular route, mostly along the coast, through New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Queensland.

There is a wealth of Australia road trips that visitors to the country can...
Various Australia road trips bring visitors to the country's many and different attractions.

Australia Travel Planner
When you're planning your Australian travel itinerary, here are some thoughts on what you need to do and what destinations to consider.

Sydney Travel Guide
Overcome the hassles of a first-time visit to Sydney with this guide to what to do and what to see.

Victoria: What to See, Where to Go
Victoria's small land area means it's easier to travel from one visitor destination to another.

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