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Margaret River

Wine Region and Surfing Mecca


Surfers at Margaret River

The Margaret River coast is a popular Western Australia surfing destination

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Western Australia's wine region of Margaret River encompasses not only the town of Margaret River but the region between Cape Naturaliste in the north, Cape Leeuwin in the south, and Busselton in the northeast.

Augusta, the town nearest Cape Leeuwin and the state's southwesternmost point, is where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet.

Not only is the Margaret River region noted for its wines but more than 40 surfing locations along the coast provide conditions ranging from powerful reef breaks to fun beach breaks.

These features make the Margaret River region a popular wine-growing and surfing destination.

Town and river

The town of Margaret River takes its name from the river than meanders just north of the town centre and flows west to the Indian Ocean.

The river is believed to be named after Margaret Wyche, cousin of Busselton founder John Garrett Bussell. The name Margaret River first appeared in an 1839 map of the region.

The 2001 Australian census placed the population of Margaret River at 10,000. The population explodes with more than 500,000 visitors a year.

Wine growing areas

The region's Mediterranean climate is conducive to the growing of high-quality table wine grapes.

Along the Margaret River valley, a number of commercial vineyards produce high-quality table wines. Margaret River wines are exported to many parts of the world.

Margaret River wine tours are available from Perth and Margaret River.

Drop in at the Margaret River visitor centre at 100 Bussell Highway for detailed information on wines and wine tours. The centre has a Wine Tourism Showroom.

Surfing mecca

Huge mountains of water along the coastline have turned Margaret River into a surfing mecca. Margaret River hosts world-class surfing competitions such as the Salomon Masters, part of the men's World Qualifying Series (WQS) which attracts the cream of Aussie surfing.

Calmer waters are found at Meelup, Eagle Bay and Bunker Bay.

Different surfing conditions suit pro and amateur alike.

If new to the area, check at the Margaret River visitor centre for surfing locations.

And yes, there are fine diving and snorkeling locations as well.

Getting there

Bus and train services, or a combination of them, are available from Perth to towns in the Margaret River region.

If going by bus or car, see How Do I Get to Margaret River?

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