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Cable Beach

Western Australia Tropical Playground


Sunset camel trek on Cable Beach

Sunset camel trek on Cable Beach

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Cable Beach is a Western Australia drawcard.

Visitors planning a holiday in Western Australia generally think of Broome and nearby Cable Beach ahead of any other Western Australia destination, although Monkey Mia and Shark Bay do come close to the top of the list.

With long stretches of a white sand beach, seas of such turquoise purity, palm-fringed coast, sunset camel treks, parasailing and other water sports, sun-drenched resorts, and the air of an exotic and distant tropical eden, Cable Beach does conjure in one's mind a certainly desirable holiday destination.

Year-round drawcard

Cable Beach is one of Western Australia's most popular beaches and has become, with its tropical climate, a year-round drawcard for visitors.

A drawback, of course, is the distance from Australia's major cities, located as it is on the western coast of Western Australia. But you can always fly and there are air services to Broome from Darwin, Alice Springs, Port Hedland, Perth, and other Australian locations.

Check with your travel agent

Check with your airline or travel agent whether you can fly direct to Broome or how best to connect with a flight to Broome.

It takes two and a half hours to fly from Perth to Broome.

If you prefer going by land, you can take a bus on the Perth-Darwin route which passes through Broome, or you can drive. But it's a long way by road from Perth (more than 2200 kilometres) or from Darwin (more than 1860 kilometres) to Broome.

Six kilometres from town

Cable Beach is six kilometres from Broome.

Drive northwesterly along Cable Beach Rd. Go past the Crocodile Park and follow the access road straight into the beach.

Nude bathing area

The northern side of Cable Beach beyond the rock is a popular nude bathing area.

While you can drive to this beach area, take care you're not stranded at high tide.

Air and water activities

Tandem freefall skydiving is available at Cable Beach, as is parasailing.

Surfboards and other beach and water equipment are available for hire.

Fishing and rainforest tours are available.

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