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Fremantle Prison ... place of legal executions

Fremantle Prison ... place of legal executions

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Built by convicts in the 1850s, and closed as a place of incarceration in 1991, Fremantle Prison is one of Western Australia's premier heritage sites and since 1992 has been open to the public.

For much of the time it was a prison, after gallows were built there, it became the only place of legal execution in Western Australia between 1888 and as late as 1984.

Forty-three men and one woman were hanged in Fremantle Prison. All had been convicted of murder.

Daytime and nighttime tours

Today, in addition to daytime tours, Fremantle Prison holds torchlight tours in Wednesday and Friday evenings.

The torchlight tour takes about an hour and a half and visits the main cell block, cells for solitary confinement, the whipping post, and the gallows.

In this quite eerie atmosphere, in a place of punishment and death, there have been talk of ghosts and ghostly encounters.

Where is it?

Fremantle Prison is right in the heart of the city on The Terrace.

To join a torchlight tour at Fremantle Prison, it is essential to book beforehand on 618-9336-9200. If ringing from the local area, you only need to dial 9336-9200.

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