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Australia Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk
You can take the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk from The Rocks to Milsons Point, and it's free.
What to Wear in Australia
Except for really formal occasions, casual wear is pretty much the norm in Australia.
Found only in New Zealand, the kiwi gets its name from the plaintive shrill cry of the male bird. The
Mt Augustus
Mt Augustus in Western Australia is the world's biggest rock, about two and a half times the size of Uluru in the Northern Territory.
Sydney to Melbourne
From Sydney to Melbourne the major inland route is through the Hume Highway.
Winter in Australia
The Australian winter takes place in the months of June, July and August.
Melbourne Theatre Guide - What's Playing in...
The Melbourne theatre guide is a regularly updated listing of theatre productions in Melbourne, when and where they are playing, and how to book tickets.
The Best Time to Visit Sydney - Winter
Sydney in the winter could be the best time to visit Australia's largest city.
Australia in May
May in Australia is the month before the onset of the southern winter.
Autumn in Australia
Autumn in Australia begins on March 1 and ends on May 31.
Australia in June
June in Australia is the beginning of winter which also sees the start of the ski season during the Queen's Birthday holiday weekend.
Australia in October
October is midspring in Australia, the flowers are in bloom, the weather is warm, and the sand and surf of Australia's beaches beckon.
Australian Visa
Do you need an Australian visa? Here's what you need to know.
Australian Seasons
With Australia in the Southern hemisphere, several things that set it apart from countries in the Northern hemisphere, particularly its seasons.
Driving in Australia
Driving in Australia means having to know Australian traffic rules and regulations.
Sydney Royal Easter Show
The Sydney Royal Easter Show is held each year at Eastertime in the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush Bay, and includes carnival shows, rodeo, stunts, races, competitions, fashion shows, food stalls, and a showcase of new and popular products.
Top 10 Free Melbourne Attractions
There are a number of free attractions available in Melbourne, Victoria. Here's a selection of Melbourne attractions which shouldn't cost any money.
Melbourne's Free Tourist Bus
Melbourne's free tourist bus, the City Tourist Shuttle, is a free hop on, hop off service with stops at a number of Melbourne city attractions.
The Best Time to Visit Sydney - Summer
The best time to visit Sydney could be in the Australian summer.
Great Barrier Reef
Australia's Great Barrier Reef is a succession of spectacular reefs extending from just south of the Tropic of Capricorn off the Queensland coast to Torres Strait in the north.
Anzac Day
Anzac Day is the anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli by the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps in World War I.
Arriving in Sydney
Here's what to do on arriving in Sydney and how best to get to your hotel.
The Big Submarine
Holbrook's best known feature is a submarine on land seen along the Hume Highway in New South Wales.
Australian Words and Phrases
The Australian language includes some unique idioms, terms, words, phrases
Sydney Theatre Guide - What's Playing in Sydney
The Sydney theatre guide lists current and coming plays, musicals and other theatre productions in Sydney with venues and booking information.
Tipping in Australia and New Zealand
Tips on tipping in Australia and New Zealand shed light on tipping customs.
What Are Thongs?
Thongs in Australia are not the skimpy, sexy pieces of underwear some people think of when hearing the term.
The bilby is an Australian nocturnal marsupial found mainly in the north of the continent.
Australian Traffic Rules
You would need to know these basic Australian traffic rules and regulations if you want to go driving in Australia.
Top 10 Free Sydney Attractions
There are a number of free Sydney attractions available in Australia's largest city. Here's a selection of free Sydney attractions.
Queen Victoria Market
Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Victoria, is said to be the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere.
City Circle Tram
The City Circle Tram in Melbourne operates daily along a city circuit passing a number of Melbourne attractions.
The Best Time to Visit Sydney - Autumn
The best time to visit Sydney could be in the Australian autumn.
Phillip Island
What you need to know to see the Phillip Island penguin parade, including access, viewing areas, and travel information.
Australia in August
August in Australia is the last month of the southern winter but in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains and the Victorian Alps, you'd hardly know spring is just around the corner.
What Is XXXX?
XXXX is Queensland beer brewed by Castlemaine Perkins.
Australia in July
July is midwinter in Australia, and one of the best months for skiing and other snow activities. There's also Yulefest and the Darwin Regatta.
Australia in September
September in Australia is the first month of the southern spring and it's a season of regrowth and flowers.
Australia Travel Planner
An Australia travel planner helps organise a trip to Australia especially for people visiting Australia for the first time.
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Learn Why Australia’s National Flower is...
The golden wattle, Acacia pycnantha, is the national flower of Australia.
The Best Time to Visit Sydney
The best time to visit Sydney could be in the Australian spring.
Want to Visit Australia or New Zealand? Read...
Australia and New Zealand Map. Australia Travel.
Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle
The Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle is a free hop on, hop off bus service with stops at a number of Melbourne attractions.
Irukandji Jellyfish
The Irukandji jellyfish is found in north Australian waters during the jellyfish season from October to May. Here’s what to do if you are stung.
Australia in April
April in Australia is mid-autumn with temperatures starting their slide into winter. Anzac Day is celebrated in April and Easter celebrations may occur in April as well.
Strine and Australian Slang
A glossary of Strine and Australian slang - words and phrases starting with the letter A
Canberra Attrractions
The Canberra City Explorer takes in Canberra's major attractions on a hop on, hop off tour.
Sydney Daytrips
Head north from Sydney on a Sydney daytrip to the Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens.
Southwestern Western Australia
The southwestern arc of Australia's Southwest includes cities and towns from Fremantle to Albany.
Australia Weather
Australia weather should be a guide to what clothes you wear.
Australia in December
December is a month of holidays. Not only are there two public holidays - Christmas Day and Boxing Day - but quite a number of businesses close down for the Christmas season, and school terms end before Christmas, so it's holiday time for large numbers of Australians.
Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, capital of Victoria, has a large number of interesting city attractions best visited by tram or on foot.
Top 10 Queensland National Parks
Queensland national parks feature spectacular landscapes, offer insights into the Australian natural environment and provide spaces for passive and active recreation.
Black Swan
The black swan is the state and bird emblem of Western Australia. Page 2.
G'day and All That
G'day, here are some Strine and Australian slang words and phrases you may come across on your visit to Australia.
Australia's Capital Cities
While it’s easy to forget that Sydney is not the capital of Australia, here are the capital cities of Australia’s six states and two mainland territories.
Jervis Bay
Jervis Bay beaches are Some of the most stunningly white - and uncrowded - beaches in New South Wales.
The Way We Were
The 1996 Australian census drew a portrait of Sydney's population at the time.
Australian Opals
Know what you're buying when shopping for Australian opals
Australian Money
Australia’s national currency is the Austrian dollar. Here is what you need to know about denominations and coin restrictions to help you avoid confusion.
Adventure World
Water-themed rides, roller coasters, a race track and various other attractions combine to make Adventure World, 20 minutes by road south of Perth city, and 15 minutes from Fremantle, a favorite fun park for the young and the young at heart.
Car Hire
When renting or hiring a car in Australia and New Zealand, watch out for possible problems in order to have hassle-free travel.
The Ekka
Colloquially known as the Ekka, the Royal Queensland Show held in Brisbane is Queensland's biggest annual event and is one of the top three agricultural shows in Australia.
Brisbane Australia
Brisbane, located between Australia's more popular Gold and Sunshine Coasts, is a destination in itself with its own unique attractions.
Sydney, Australia
Sydney is Australia's best known city and the first to be established in Australia by the English navigators, soldiers and convict settlers.
The True Story of Red Dog
The movie Red Dog is based on the true story of a hitchhiking, people-loving adventurous red kelpie in Western Australia's Pilbara region.
What Is the Sydney Explorer?
The Sydney Explorer is a visitor-oriented Sydney sightseeing bus which takes in Sydney's major attractions.
What Not to Do in Australia
Visiting Australia for the first time? Here are some things to watch out for, including driving a car, beach safety, and language.
Australia Facts
Here are some Australia facts for a quick overview of this nation continent.
Australian Theme Parks
Australian theme parks are popular attractions for the young and the young at heart. Here are some of Australia’s major and more popular theme parks.
Shark Beach
The beach in Nielsen Park, part of Sydney Harbour National Park, faces Shark Bay in the east Sydney suburb of Vaucluse, and is properly known as Shark Beach but is popularly known simply as Nielsen Park. Page 14.
Royal National Park
The Royal National Park in Sydney has many walking tracks of varying degrees of difficulty
Hunter Valley Wine Country
The Hunter Valley north of Sydney is New South Wales wine country and an ideal place for a pleasant wine hunt among its vineyards and wineries.
How To See Sydney in One Day
a simple how to on exploring sydney in one day
Aussiespeak needs an understanding of the Australian language, its idioms, terms, words, phrases
The Dog on the Tuckerbox
Celebrated in Australian folklore, poetry, and song, the Dog on the Tuckerbox, a monument to the pioneers of the Riverina region, has become an icon of Australia's past.
Driving in Australia - Getting It Right
Driving in Australia means learning a few things and getting it right.
Brisbane to Sydney
Highway 1 is not only the most direct route from Brisbane to Sydney (and vice versa) but it is as well one of the most scenic drives in the country alternating between hill and valley and shore.
How Do You Get to the Sydney Opera House?
Here's how to get to the Sydney Opera House on foot or by car, train, bus, taxi, water taxi, ferry.
10 Most Popular Australia Beaches
With more than 10,000 beaches all around Australia, there's no problem finding one along the coast, with some more popular with beachgoers than others.
NSW South Coast
The NSW South Coast extends from the southern edge of Royal National Park to the NSW-Victoria border.
Walk into History at The Rocks in Sydney
Locate the Sydney Visitor Centre on Argyle St in The Rocks. Page 4.
Melbourne Landmarks
Melbourne, Australia's second largest city and the capital of the state of Victoria, is a fascinating blend of old and new in its buildings and their architecture.
Melbourne Beaches
Melbourne beaches can be found close to Melbourne city centre.
Thrill rides, close encounters with wildlife, cartoon character attractions, IMAX movies - and Big Brother! - are among the many attractions of Dreamworld, one of the Gold Coast's more popular theme parks.
New Zealand Fast Facts
Here are some fast facts and other information about New Zealand.
Grand Pacific Drive
Grand Pacific Drive meanders through some 169 kilometres from Sydney's Royal National Park to the Shoalhaven, appropriate for leisurely motoring on the NSW South Coast.
Ferry to Tasmania
A guide to passenger and vehicular ferry transportation to Tasmania, Australia, including schedules, prices, and booking information.
Circular Quay
Circular Quay in Sydney is an ideal place to start your Sydney discovery tour.
Sydney Parks and Picnic Areas
The Chipping Norton Lakes are among a number of popular Sydney parks and picnic areas in the outer suburbs.
Skiing in New South Wales
Skiing in New South Wales takes place in the northern summer when it's winter in Australia.
New Zealand Visa
Holders of certain passports will find it easier getting New Zealand visas
Princess Mary of Denmark: A Fairy-Tale Romance
Australian-born Mary Donaldson became Crown Princess of Denmark after her marriage to Danish Crown Prince Frederik on May 14, 2004. A son, heir to the throne of Denmark, was born of the union on October 15, 2005, followed by a daughter on April 21, 2007, and twins on January 8, 2011.
The Anzacs
The story of the Anzacs, born in the flames of war, was firmly forged on April 25, 1915, with the landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps at Gallipoli in what is now known as Turkey.
Australia in February
February is the last month of the Australian summer with generally warm weather in most of Australia tapering to cool as autumn approaches.
Don't Die in the Outback
What you need to know to properly prepare for a trip through the Australian Outback and what to do if you get lost.
South Island, New Zealand
Take a five-day South Island tour to see the island's major attractions.
Uluru in the heart of Australia is a striking rock monolith better known as Ayers Rock in earlier times until its Aboriginal name became more popular.
Sydney Activities Guide
A guide to activities and attractions to consider on your visit to Sydney, Australia, including walking tours, dining, and the Sydney Opera House.
Sea World
Sea World on Queensland's Gold Coast is the coastal strip's oldest theme park, having been started in 1958 as Surfers Paradise Ski Gardens at Carrara and later renamed and relocated to Sea World Drive in 1971. It remains a showcase of marine life wonders and a place of various rides, shows and other attractions.
Sydney Suburbs Map - Australia
Map of Sydney, Australia, and its surrounding suburbs
Tasmania Map - Australia
Tasmania, Austalia, map with Hobart region inset: australian tourist commission hobart region map of tasmania tasmania map inset map
Bells Beach
One of Australia's best-known surfing beaches, Bells Beach is located near the start of the Great Ocean Road on Victoria's southern coast.
What Is the Haka?
The popular form of the New Zealand Maori haka is a war chant and challenge with many aggressive sounds and movements.
Sydney Landmarks
Sydney landmarks are not only distinctive structures on the Sydney urban landscape but also assist visitors and newcomers to the city to find their bearings.
Australia Quiz - Test Your Knowledge of Australia
In this Australia quiz, test your knowledge of this great southern land.
How Is the Australian Prime Minister Chosen?
The Prime Minister of Australia is chosen by members of the winning party or coalition in an Australian Federal election.
Tweed Valley Australia - Discover Tweed Valley...
The Tweed Valley in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia, is home to the largest extinct volcano in the southern hemisphere, World Heritage national parks, great surfing beaches.
Go Fossicking for Thunder Eggs
At Mount Hay Gemstone Tourist Park, visitors are able to fossick for thunder eggs through rock and soil carted down from the volcanic slopes. The volcano, subsequently named Mount Hay, has been extinct for millions of years.
Australia in January
January in Australia is a midsummer month of the Sydney Festival, Australian Open, Australia Day, and various other Australian events and attractions.
The tuatara, one of New Zealand's oldest inhabitants, is a reptile which was in existence at the time of the dinosaurs.
Strine and Aussie Slang - B
Strine and Aussie slang: a glossary of unique Australian words and phrases starting with B
Animal Emblems of Australia
Certain states and territories of Australia have adopted official animal emblems or state and territory animals symbolic of them.
Best Sydney Wildlife Park
The best Sydney wildlife park is probably where you can see the animals close at hand and even walk with or feed them.
Is Nicole Kidman Australian?
Nicole Kidman is one of Australia's best known movie actresses, an Oscar winner and a Companion of the Order of Australia.
Floriade Flower Festival
The Floriade flower festival is an annual spring festival redolent with the scents, sounds and sights of the Canberra spring held from around the middle of September to around the middle of October.
Shopping in Sydney
Know where to go in Sydney when shopping for items to buy, such as souvenirs and uniquely Australian products.
Labor Day
Labor Day is celebrated on different dates in Australia.
Australia Caves
Australia has a number of caves open to the public through guided or self-guided tours as well as opportunities for caving adventures.
Sydney Beaches
Sydney beaches are easily accessible from almost anywhere in Sydney city.
The Southern Spirit
The Southern Spirit train travels between Adelaide and Brisbane and between Melbourne and Brisbane.
Outback Travel
The central Australia map shows the major road link between Alice Springs and Uluru through the Stuart and Lasseter Highways.
New South Wales Coast
The New South Wales coast is lined with cities and towns that are popular visitor destinations.
Fruit Displays
A highlight of the Sydney Royal Easter Show are painstakingly designed displays of fruit, vegetables and other farm produce depicting Australian farm and country scenes. Page 7.
Movie World
If you are fascinated by movies, movie characters, movie shows and how movies are made, Movie World on Australia's Gold Coast could be a place to visit on your trip to Queensland.
Cairns, Queensland
Cairns in far north Queensland is fascinating tropical country and a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.
Sydney Dining Guide
Sydney dining guide: Dining in Sydney gives you a wide choice of restaurants but you must know where to go.
Blue Mountains Yulefest
In a country where Christmas takes place in the summer, it seemed only a matter of time before people started enjoying the spirit and the trappings of Christmas in the middle of the Australian year, which is when it's winter in Australia. So was born Christmas in July and Yulefest in the New South Wales Blue Mountains.
The Rocks - Sydney, Australia
The Rocks district in Sydney is the birthplace of Australia and a place worth visiting.
The Indian Pacific
The Indian Pacific links Sydney and Perth through Outback New South Wales and South Australia and the Nullarbor Plain.
Australian World Heritage Sites
Accessible Australian World Heritage sites are among the most popular destinations in the continent with a variety of important environmental, archeological, cultural and historical features.
Distances from Sydney
Have an idea of distances if you're traveling around Australia from Sydney by road.
Where Is the Sydney Subway?
In Sydney the underground train circuit is the City Circle. The terms subway, underground, tube and metro are not used in reference to the current city railway system.
The Devils Marbles
The Devils Marbles are an extensive collection of huge round red-colored boulders in the Tennant Creek area of Australia's Northern Territory, said to be the eggs of the Rainbow Serpent in Aboriginal lore.
Boobie Bird
The boobie bird is one of the largest seabirds found on Lord Howe Island off the northern coast of New South Wales. Page 3.
Perth, Australia
Perth Australia is the remotest state capital in continental Australia.
Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Discover the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, a showcase of flora close to the city's central business district.
Wet 'n' Wild Water World
Wet 'n' Wild Water World describes itself as Australia's largest Australian water theme park. It features water slides, pools and other attractions and is very much activity-oriented.
Sydney Tower Eye
Sydney Tower Eye, rising above Westfield Centrepoint shopping centre, is a highly visible Sydney landmark.
Australian Population
The Australian population of 21 million comprises a mix of cultures, ethnic origins, marital status, family structures, education, religion, and financial and economic standing
Royal National Park, Sydney: Getting There
Here's how to get to Australia's Royal National Park at the southern edge of Sydney city.
Australia in March
The first month of the Australian autumn, March is a month of various festivals and holidays.
How Are Tropical Cyclones Rated?
Australian tropical cyclones are rated in five categories according to their strongest wind speed.
Australia Pictures
Australia's unique landscapes and seascapes are the subject of pictures in this photo gallery.
New South Wales National Parks
A number of New South Wales national parks are to found within and around the Sydney metropolitan area.
Cable Beach
Cable Beach is one of Western Australia's most popular beaches and has become, with its tropical climate, a year-round drawcard for visitors.
Australian Trains
Australian trains travel the Australian continent on east to west and north to south routes.
Beach Safety
Beach safety tips for playing it safe on Australian beaches.
Day 1 - Rock at the Rocks
Sydney in Seven Days: Here's the first of your day-to-day guide for an unhurried visit to Sydney.

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