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Readers Respond: The Australian Wildlife You Like or Hate

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From the article: Best Sydney Wildlife Park
Australia has a great variety of native or introduced wildlife, from the bilby, boobie bird and brolga to the kangaroo, koala and kookaburra. People do have their choices of most liked or most hated Australian wildlife. What's yours?


Beautiful bird in flight. Tall too. They are tough with the crocs too
—Guest Jackie

The Dingo Does It

The Dingo is my favorite Aussie animal. They are so dog-like and the ones I've seen in Melbourne and Sydney have been quite beautiful - majestic looking. Would love to see some Dingo pups and also catch them out of their habitats at Healesville. Maybe someday! It's too bad their reputation isn't so good - but I give them room - it's just nature!

My favorite animal

The wombat, so beautiful and endearing. Each time I return to Australia one of the first things I do is go and look at a wombat. I remember a most wonderfull time of follwoing wombat trails through the snow at Cradle Mountain with my nephew when he was vey small. Memories like that are precious.
—Guest Kaye Edwards

Tasmanian Tiger

From what I've read, it may in fact still exist--in Tasmania of course..in any case I'd like to mount an expedition to look for it. Why? Because it's a long shot that Aussies out to understand!
—Guest Gary Knowles

Favourite beastie

Tasmanian Devil/Rufus Wallaby It's a toss-up. Got to pat both in wild life centers, and saw both in wild while at staying at Cradle Mountain. the mini-roos are cuddly with geat faces, and the devils are so feisty. Here in New York, Cornell Univ. is partnering with UTas to find an effective treatment or prevention for the fatal TDFD. Glad the world is beginning to appreciate these unique little critters. I'm pleased to donate to the effort yearly. They are special and must be preserved. I fell in love with Australia when I visited, and with these two animals in particular. Now I can't wait to get back. Oh....and the giant python living under the Visitors' Center at the Flecker Botanical Gardens in Cairns is quite impressive also! Long may he (she?) slither!

favorite animal

Most definately the WOMBAT. They have such a cute face!
—Guest Barb MacKenzie

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